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Prenatal Yoga / Pilates

A Prenatal Yoga / Pilates class is a specialised fitness class tailored to expectant mothers, designed to support their physical and mental well-being during pregnancy. In a Prenatal Yoga / Pilates class, you can expect:


Safe and Gentle Exercise: The class provides a safe and gentle way for pregnant women to stay active and maintain their physical fitness. The exercises are specifically chosen and modified to accommodate the changing needs and limitations of pregnancy.


Mindful Movement: Prenatal Yoga/Pilates emphasises mindful movement, encouraging expectant mothers to connect with their changing bodies and growing babies. It promotes self-awareness and relaxation.


Breath Awareness: Breath control (pranayama) is an integral part of the practice, helping pregnant women manage stress, improve oxygenation, and prepare for childbirth.


Core Strengthening: Pilates-based exercises in the class often focus on strengthening the core muscles, which can help support the spine, reduce back pain, and improve posture during pregnancy.


Pelvic Floor Health: The class may include exercises to promote the health of the pelvic floor muscles, important for childbirth and postpartum recovery.


Flexibility and Relaxation: Prenatal Yoga/Pilates incorporates gentle stretching and relaxation techniques to alleviate tension, reduce swelling, and enhance overall comfort.


Community and Support: Prenatal classes provide a supportive community of expectant mothers, allowing participants to share experiences, ask questions, and build a sense of camaraderie.


Preparation for Labour: Some classes may include specific exercises and positions to prepare for labour and childbirth. These practices can help strengthen the body and promote relaxation during labour.


Adaptability: The class is adaptable to different stages of pregnancy and individual fitness levels. Instructors provide variations and modifications to cater to the unique needs of each participant.


Emotional Well-Being: Prenatal Yoga/Pilates also emphasises emotional well-being and stress reduction, which can be particularly beneficial during pregnancy when hormones and emotions may fluctuate.


A Prenatal Yoga/Pilates class offers expectant mothers a safe and supportive environment to maintain their physical fitness, connect with their changing bodies, and prepare for childbirth. It promotes relaxation, core strength, and overall well-being during pregnancy.

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