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In a private yoga or Pilates class, you can expect a highly personalised and focused experience designed to meet your individual needs and goals.

Here's what you can generally expect:

Consultation: The session will begin with a discussion between you and myself to determine your specific goals, any health concerns or limitations, and the type of practice you're interested in (e.g., stress relief, flexibility, strength, rehabilitation).

Personalised Programme: Based on the consultation, I will create a tailored practice that addresses your unique needs and goals. This program may involve specific yoga poses, Pilates exercises, or a combination of both.

One-on-One Attention: You'll receive one-on-one guidance and adjustments, ensuring that you perform postures and movements with proper alignment and technique.

Progression: I will design a progression plan, helping you advance in your practice at a pace that suits your abilities and prevents overexertion.

Customised Adjustments: If you have injuries or physical limitations, I will provide modifications and adjustments to accommodate your condition while promoting safe movement and rehabilitation.

Mind-Body Connection: Private classes often place a strong emphasis on the mind-body connection, incorporating breath work, mindfulness, and relaxation techniques to deepen your practice.

Specialised Practices: Private sessions can focus on specialised practices such as yoga therapy, restorative yoga, specific styles of Pilates, or rehabilitation exercises, depending on your needs and interests.

Scheduling Flexibility: Private sessions offer greater flexibility in scheduling, making it easier to fit yoga or Pilates into your busy lifestyle.


Support and Motivation: I provide ongoing support and motivation to help you stay committed to your practice and achieve your wellness goals.


Deep Relaxation: The personalised attention and tranquil environment of a private class can promote deep relaxation and stress reduction, enhancing your overall well-being.


Homework and Self-Practice: I will guide you in developing a home practice that complements your private sessions, ensuring you can continue to progress independently.

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A private yoga or Pilates class offers an intimate and individualised experience, allowing you to focus on your specific wellness and fitness goals with expert guidance.


This setting provides the ideal opportunity for personal growth and the development of a deep mind-body connection.

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