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Kids Yoga

A Kids Yoga class is a playful and interactive practice specially designed for children to help them build physical strength, flexibility, and emotional well-being while having fun. In a Kids Yoga class, you can expect:


Engaging Themes: Classes often incorporate imaginative themes, stories, or games that capture children's attention and spark their creativity. These themes make the practice enjoyable and relatable for kids.


Age-Appropriate Poses: Kids are guided through age-appropriate yoga poses that encourage flexibility, balance, and body awareness. These poses are adapted to suit the developmental stages and physical abilities of children.


Breath Awareness: Simple breath awareness exercises are introduced to help children develop mindfulness and learn to use their breath to manage stress and emotions.


Interactive Activities: Kids Yoga classes include interactive activities and games that promote teamwork, cooperation, and social skills. These activities may involve partner poses, group games, or storytelling.


Creativity and Expression: Children are encouraged to express themselves through movement and creative activities. This fosters self-confidence and self-expression.


Relaxation Techniques: Classes often include relaxation techniques such as guided imagery, visualisation, or "quiet time" to help children calm their minds and reduce stress.


Mindfulness and Focus: Kids are taught to pay attention to the present moment through mindful activities, helping improve concentration and attention span.


Emotional Awareness: Kids Yoga often incorporates activities that encourage emotional awareness and self-regulation. Children learn to identify and manage their feelings in a healthy way.


Fun Music and Props: Classes may use fun music and props like yoga mats, blocks, and soft toys to make the practice enjoyable and engaging for kids.


Inclusivity: Kids Yoga is inclusive and accommodating to children of different abilities and backgrounds, ensuring that all children can participate and benefit.


Parent-Child Classes: Some Kids Yoga classes offer parent-child sessions, allowing parents to participate and bond with their children through yoga.


A Kids Yoga class offers a playful and holistic approach to physical and emotional well-being for children. It promotes flexibility, strength, mindfulness, and social skills in a fun and interactive way, making it an excellent activity for children to develop a healthy mind-body connection.

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